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What we do

We are committed to providing clients with the education and training needed to help them realize positive change in their lives. We believe it is necessary to meet young people where they are, to strive to know them as individuals,  in order to facilitate meaningful growth. This happens at PWC through a combination of mentorship, counseling,  comprehensive learning experiences, and authentic opportunities to give back to their community.

Who we serve

Our organization serves a racially and socio-economically diverse group of middle and high school-aged students from Pittsburg, California and surrounding areas. Client referrals come from the local school district, the county, community partnerships, and word-of-mouth. Throughout the year, we have 200+ young people who enroll in life/educational skill-building classes, attend in order to experience mentorship, and sign-up as a means to engage with and serve their community.

Why it works

We offer opportunities unlike any other service provider in our area in that we provide counseling with a full-time, on-site mental health clinician at zero cost to families. All of the other services and elements of our program- from mentorship and relationship-building to service-learning projects, from dedicated time to productively collaborate with peers in a safe setting to authentic opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the community- stem from a core of therapeutic work.

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Meaningful opportunities to engage with and serve the community

On-site individual therapy and group counseling​



Recent Courses/Workshops

  • Life skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Job preparation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainability


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PWC Bridge Program

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