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About Us

Our Story

Founded 2001 in Pittsburg, California, PWC emphasized mentorship and job training for at-risk youth. Founder Veronica Pope recognized that her community needed a safe alternative for young people at risk of school failure by providing programs that promote school attendance and reward appropriate behavior and positive choices. PWC created The Hip Hop Carwash (HHCW) to give adolescents real-world experience operating a "business" and a weekend haven. Although the car wash is currently not in operation, future program plans include exploring modern technology focused on alternative methods and advanced knowledge transitioning PWC's vision of a 100% Eco-friendly Car Wash Business, 100% run and operating by transitional age at-risk youth ages 15 – 21 soon a reality.


Growth through Partnership

In 2009, in strategic partnership with the Contra Costa County Mental Health Department, PWC opened a permanent facility to provide after-school services. Today the Clinical Success After-School Program empowers youth through holistic supportive services, boasting a full-time mental health clinician, learning opportunities with credentialed teachers, and peer mentorship training

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