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Giving Back

At People Who Care Children Association, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the Pittsburg community through our variety of programs. We designed our community service opportunities to give young people the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow.


We provide meaningful service opportunities for youth to engage with the community. PWC students lend their hands at approximately 30 annual events. PWC Volunteers support event organizers by volunteering with the city of Pittsburg, Park and Recreation, and Public Works at cultural events such as Cesar Chavez Day and the Juneteenth Festival and city and Chamber of Commerce events, such as the Pittsburg Seafood Festival, the Pittsburg Christmas Parade, and the Chamber's Halloween Spooktacular at the Maya Cinema. Students receive community service, life skills, job skills, employment, mentorship, and leadership development opportunities throughout the year.


If you or a parent who would like for their child to participate to complete community service hours or volunteer to give back to your community, call our PWC office at (925) 427-5037.

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