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Green Jobs Training Program is an after-school course that focuses on both entrepreneurship and sustainability. There were three phases that run throughout the year.  Phase 1 begins with a business design project and competition. The students work in groups of 2-3 to conduct a community needs assessment. Ultimately, they wrote professional-grade business plans and prepared pitch “decks”. They presented their final projects to a panel of business professionals from the area.
Click here to view a student work sample


The second phase centered around business operations, management, and finances. The third phase has been interrupted by our “shelter-in-place” order. However, students were working on branding, marketing plans, and staff handbooks for the 2020 reboot of the Carwash Program that had so much success in the past. Only now it is going to be an environmentally responsible, eco-friendly carwash that puts into practice all of the learning the students have done about sustainability.

Pictured right are two young women who won the business design project in December with three of our professional panelists

In the past, Green Jobs was a Solar & Environmental Program designed to teach at-risk youth three basic learning objects – climate change education, renewable energy and renewable energy job outlook, and conservation. We accomplish our goals through hands-on renewable energy projects ranging from building actual solar panels, LED lighting, solar battery powered mini off grid electric systems for multiple uses, wind generators, model green off grid homes, in particular, solar power systems on “green model (doll-house size) homes.” PWC has had success designing and building “green” projects like model homes and decks with model off-grid power systems, full-sized decks with green design, and solar-powered tool shed. Our program offers a highly educational experience in green technology education (green design and construction), and rewards our youth with employment opportunities.

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