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"Thanks to PWC, my son has managed to get out of his cave, also known as his bedroom, and to be a better son, brother, friend and better person. Every day he is happier with life and the things he does when he participates at PWC like community events, and outings to see new places. Being part of a group within PWC has helped him grow and be more outgoing. For my son, it helped him to talk to someone at PWC, outside of his family, to help him with any problems that he had at school or in life. I want to thank every person at PWC." -PWC Client's Mom


"Alaysia has been introduced to a variety of activities and events since joining the family at PWC. She has been able to spread her wings and fly. The patience, love, and care that comes from the staff clients, parents, and even those whom they serve in the community speak volumes for PWC. Keep up the great job!" -PWC Client's Grandmother


"My son has been in the PWC program for a year and since then he is more sociable, friendly and has learned a lot about responsibility. Thanks to the program, he has had the opportunity to visit and learn about the history of different places. Those in charge of the program are very kind people with a good attitude and always looking out for the young people. Thank you PWC for allowing my son to be part of your wonderful program!" -PWC Client's Mom

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